Toppers25 current affairs of 8/2/2019

Toppers25 current affairs of 8/2/2019

India proposes plan to tackle fugitive economic offenders

India presented 9 point agenda to G-20 countries calling for strong & active co-operation


  • Strong cooperation in legal process, such as effective freezing of the proceeds of crime
  • Joint effort by countries to form a mechanism that denies entry and safe havens to fugitive economic offenders
  • Principals of united national convention Against corporation (UNCAC), UN convention Against transitional organized center (UNOTC)
  • Financial action task force (FATF) called upon to assign priority & focus to establish international cooperation

Trans – Fat

occurs naturally at very low level in some meat and dairy products

Fats can be saturated, UN-saturated Artificial &Transfat

  • Artificial TFAs formed when hydrogen is made to react with oil, to produces fats resembling pure ghee/butter
  • Trans fatty Acid (TFAs) are naturally found in small amounts in beef & full -fat dairy product
  • Saturated fatty acid should not comprise more than 10% of our daily calorie intake
  • Trans fatty acid should not comprise more than 1% of daily calories intake
  • WHO in may 2018 released draft recommendations on limiting intake of trans-fat
  • FSSAI proposed to limit TFA in foods to 2% & eliminate trans-fats from food by 2022.
  • FSSAI launch new mass media campaign “Heart attack reviewing” a 30 sec public announcement that warn citizen about health hazards.

Aunachal ‘s Dibang could be India’s highest Tiger habitat

  • Presence of Tiger in the snow-led Dibang Valley of Arunchal Pradesh at height of 3630 meters.

Climate talks begin in polish Coal city katowice

  • An year-end deadline to produce a rule book.
  • G-20 member, except US, sign declaration of support to rule book.
  • Paris rule book which will determine how government record report their greenhouse emissions and efforts to cut them.
  • Rule book aimed at limiting the rise in global temperature to blow 1.5°c – 2°c.

New tax code will not change rates or slabs

  • Tax code will make income tax act simpler and less prone to litigation.
  • Focus on reducing litigation by offering tax certainty
  • Revision in tax rate can take up as a part of annual budget
  • Reducing tax litigation, make tax law relevant to new business models and ensuring accountability.
  • Stringent penalty for not disclosing assets held abroad under Black money Act 2016.
Toppers25 current affairs of 7/2/2019

Toppers25 current affairs of 7/2/2019

Together in on uncertain world

European union (EU) roadmap for strengthening ties with India

  • Need to conclude
  • Border strategic partnership Agreement
  • Intensifying dialogue on Afganisthan & central Area
  • Strengthening technical cooperation on fighting terrorism
  • countering radicalization, violent extremism and terrorist financing

Wage drag

  • International labour organisation’s Global wage report underlines the need for wage expansion.
The me & Indian Pavillion

” One world, One sun, One grid”

Aim: To prevent dangerous human interference with climate system.

Meeting : Ministry launched nation wide campaign called Green Good Deeds Movement

  • Global wage report adjusted for inflation, slowed to 1.87 in 2017 from 2.47 in 2016
  • india has offered highest wages in south asia in last decade as per decade.
  • India is at bottom with respect to wage parity between male and female (gender based)

Death Debate

India to play responsible rate at climate meet

  • Forthcoming COP24 climate change meeting in Katowice, Poland
Note :

§  UNFCCC – International treaty entered in March 1994

§  UN is promoting ISA & resolve to make India plastic free by 2022



Championship of earth award

Launch 2005

UN highest environmental honour given by UNEP.

International solar Alliance (ISA)

  • Consist of 121 countries
  • Foundations stone laid by Indian PM & France then president on Jan 2016.
  • First summit of ISA in Delhi on March 2016
  • Consist most of those countries located b/w tropic of cancer & tropic of capricon however recently, it has been made open to any member of UN.
  • Target of ISA : 1 TW of solar energy by 2030
  • Promotion of solar energy
  • ISA one of the largest organization in world
  • ISA is first international organization that has secretariat in India
  • Indian Renewable energy development Agency (IREDA) & solar energy corporation of India (SECI) announced contribution of US $1Billion each

Committed to shared growth in Indo-Pacific

BRICS leader discuss ways to safeguard multi-lateralism, including the world trade organization (WTO)


  • Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa
  • BRIC started as formal grouping in 2006 on margin of GB outreach summit
  • Originally first four were grouped as BRIC before the induction of S.A. in 2010
  • 1st summit held in Russia in 2009 of BRIC, 1st BRICS summit was held in 2011


  • Russia, India, China that meet annually since 2002. Includes the shanghai cooperation organization.

Polvram multi-purpose project

Polavaram project was accorded national status in 2014 in the Andhra Pradesh Bifurcation Act

Polavaram Project

  • Multi-purpose irrigation project
  • Dam across Godavari river located in west Godavari district & East Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh State
  • Its reservoir spread in parts of chattisgarh and Orissa state also
  • For development of irrigation, Hydro power and drinking water facilities to esat Godavari, Vishakhapatnam, West Godavari and Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh.

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