Toppers25 current affairs of 12/2/2019

Toppers25 current affairs of 12/2/2019

Karmapa new a Dominion citizen karma Kaggu school

  • One of the union schools of tibetan Buddhism
  • Karma kaggu lineage has its roots in teaching of historical Buddha and developed into practical way to enlightenment in India & Tibet
  • Karmpas heat of karma kaggu lineage

Maldives has applied to rejoin commonwealth

  • Former name : British commonwealth
  • Composition : Intergovernmental organization of 53 members states that are mostly former territories of British empire operates big intergovernmental consensus to member state.
  • Established : 1949 by the London declaration.
  • Commonwealth nations are free & equal.


based on renewable raw material maize, wheat or sugarcane

  • Bioplastics – promoted as climate friendly alternative
  • petroleum based plastics – may lead to an increase in greenhouse gas emission.
  • Bioplastics are variety of plastics that are manufactured using renewable sources like vegetable oil/fats, corn starch or microbiota
ü  Consumes CO2 which compensate to amount that later release at end-of-life

ü  But Bioplast produce in large amount would change land globally

ü  use in conversion of forest area to arable land



Different type of bioplastic

  • Starch based ® PLA ® PA11
  • Cellulose based ® PHB


  • Reduce carbon footprint ®  Non-Toxic
  • Energy saving in production ® Reduce Non-biodegradable waste


  • Production requires almost 80% of energy requires to produce common plastic
  • cause enormous harm to ecosystem
  • No proper differentiation between visual plastic & bio-plastic

Ex Avianindra 2018

Exercise between Indian Air Force & Russian Federation (Nerospace force RFSAF)  planned at Airforce station jodhpur

  • First exercise conducted in 2014, planned as bi-annual exercise. 2018 is second in series
  • Aim to focus toward anti-terrorist operations
  • Russia has major partner of India in defence sector.

Amendments to the citizenship Roles, 2009 union Home Ministry notified the amendments

  • Amendment include a separate column in the citizenship form for applicants belonging to 6 minority communities from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh

Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016

  • To amend citizenship Act 1955
  • If passed, illegal migrant from certain minority communities from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan will be eligible for Indian citizenship.
  • These citizens gains permanent citizenship after 6 years of residency instead of 11 years mentioned in citizenship Act 1955
  • The registration of OCI card holder get cancelled if they violate any law.

1st International conference on sustainable water management at Mohali in punjab

First International conference under aegis of National hydrology Project

  • Union ministry of water Resources, River development and Ganga Rejuvenation is being organized by Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB) at Indian school of Business (ISB), Mohali
  • Theme : Sustainable water management
  • To promote sustainable policies for water management
  • Create awareness of water-related problem
  • Bring advancement in water management system to further reduce flood & droughts all over the globe
  • Promote better management of water resources at local, regional, national & international levels

Amazon River Dolphin listed as Endangered by IUCN

  • Two types of Amazon River Dolphin – Boto & Tucuxi
  • Reason for decline is “use of flesh & blubber as bait for catfish.

Exercise Hand – In – Hand 2018

  • Conducted annually as a part of military diplomacy and interaction between armies of India & China
  • Exercise involve operations in International counter Insurgency/counter terrorist environment under UN Mandate

Cabinet approves agriculture export policy 2018


  • To double agriculture exports from present US $30 Billion to US $60 Billion by 2022
  • Enable farmers to get benefit & export opportunities
  • Promote novel, indigenous, organic, ethnic, traditional & non-traditional Agri products
  • come out with a policy to double farmers income by 2022.

Beach pollution In India

Theme of Earth Day 2018

“End Plastic Pollution”

Report by national center of Coastal Research (NCCR)

  • Tourism & Fishing are biggest culprits, contributing most of plastic litter on beaches.
  • NCCR conducted study of 6 different beaches on eastern & western coast .
Beaches :

Chennai Fillot Beach ,Gopalpur in Odisha , Fort kochi Beach , Karnataka Karavar Beach

Vishakhapatnam RR Beach, Andaman Island Rangachang Beach

Way ahead

  • India needs to start blue-flogging its beaches,
  • blue flag is globally recognized as eco-label award.

Blue Flag Project

  • Launched in Dec 2017, by Environment Ministry
  • Objective : to enhance standard & cleanliness, upkeep and basic amenities of beaches

Criteria for certification

  • A beach has to comply with 33 environment & tourism related conditions.

India-Pak Tension Affect $ 37 Billion trade potential : report

  • Report by world bank
  • Titled : Glass Half Full : The premise of regional trade in South Asia

Four critical barriers to regional trade

  1. Tariffs & Para tariffs
  2. Broad trust deficit
  3. Real & perceived non-tariff barrier
  4. Connectivity cost

South Asian Free Trade Agreement (SAFTA)

  • SAFTA came into force since Jan 2006, replacing South Asian preferential trade agreement (SAPTA) which was operative among SAARC countries Since Dec 1995
  • Leaders of India, pak, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Srilanka, have agreed to create SAFTA

Over 100 new exoplanets found

  • Used Data from NASA’s kepler space telescope & ground based observatories
  • Exoplanets : which revolves around the star other than the sun

Centre approves ShahpurKandi project, work to be over by 2022

  • 206 MW, shahpurkandi Dam on ravi river on Punjab and J&K border
  • Dam will minimize the outflow of the river water that goes waste through the madhopur headworks to Pakistan
  • shahpurkandi Dam is a part of Thein Dam (ranjitsagar Dam) project which is built over 61% of J&K Island.
Toppers25 current affairs of 10/2/2019

Toppers25 current affairs of 10/2/2019

Four New Gravitational waves detected

  • Gravitational waves detected from 10 black hole mergers and one merger of neutron stars so far by LIGO & VIRGO
  • New events known as GW170729, GW170809, GW170818 & GW170823

India’s Bhutan hydel project ready

  • 750 MW Mangdechhu hydropower project
  • The Mangdechhu project was bagged by the BHEL and it will be implemented on bilateral basis.

Disabilities Act

  • Study conducted by disability rights of India Foundation (DRIF)
  • Right of person with disabilities Act, 2016 replaced the person with disabilities Act 1995
  • Fulfill the obligation to the UN convention on the right of person with disabilities (UNCRPD) to which India is signatory
  • Act came in Force in Dec 2016
  • Disabilities type increase from 7 to 21. reservation from 37 to 47 (for certain person with benchmark in govt. job)

India – UAE sign currency swap deal

France Suspends fuel tax Hike to End ‘Yellow vests’ protests

Yellow vest movement named after the high-visibility jackets worn by supporters after swelling anger over rising fuel prices.

India, UAE to Ink MOU for projects in Third Countries

  • Set up first project in Ethiopia (Africa) under south-south cooperation model
  • This will be India’s second third-country project in Africa after India-Tokyo decided to set up hospital in Kenya
  • Ethiopia is highest recipient of India’s concessional loans outside south Asia.

Witness Protection scheme

Witness protection scheme finalized in consultation with NALSA and Bureau of Police Research & Development (BPRD)

  • Scheme envisaged that witness & accused do not come face to face during investigation or trial
  • Provides for identity protection giving new identity to witness
  • extend while India except J & K


World intellectual property indicator 2018 report was release in Geneva by WIPO.

  • WIPO is one of 17 specialized agencies of UN created in 1967.
  • 188 members states, admins 26 international treaties
  • Headquarter : Geneva (Switzerland)
  • India is a member of WIPO
  • Aim to encourage creative activity, to promote the protection of intellectual property throughout the world

Organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapon (OPCW)

  • Independent, autonomous international organization with a working relationship with UN.
  • OPCW implementing body of the chemical weapon convention (CWC)
  • Entered into force in 1997.
  • Awarded Nobel peace prize 2013.
  • OPCW members state share collective goal of preventing chemistry from over again being used for warfare, thereby strengthening international security.

Global carbon Project

  • Formed in 2001
  • To slow the rate of green house gases.
  • Global Research Project of future earth & Research partner of the world climate program

In collaboration with-

  • International Geosphere – Biosphere program
  • International Human Dimension Program on global environment change & Diversities
  • World climate programe
Toppers25 current affairs of 11/2/2019

Toppers25 current affairs of 11/2/2019

Digital sky platform launched

  • Civil aviation regulation (CAR) to enable safe flying of RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) in India
  • RPAS also known as Drones.

Digital sky platform

  • Provide oversight to security agencies.
  • Vision for future:extending functionality of DSPs through APIs.

Permission to fly in different zones

  • Green Zone : Requires only intimation of time & location via the portal or the app
  • Yellow zone : Permissions will be required
  • Red Zones : Flights will not be allowed to fly

If RPAS do not have permission, it will not be allowed to take off under policy of No-permission – No-take off (NINT)

Kimberley process

India is a founding members of kimberley process certification scheme (KPCS)

  • An international certification scheme that regulates trade in rough diamonds.
  • Aim : to prevent flow of conflicts diamonds
  • KP is implemented through national legislation & participants
  • KP has 54 participants, representing 81 countries, with EU and its members states counting as single participant.
  • KP members accounts for almost 99.8% global production of rough diamond.

Mekadatu Dam project

set up by Karnataka government, project near mekedatu in Ramnagram district, across river cauvery (TN)

Objective : to supply drinking water to Bengaluru and recharge the ground water table in region.

Central water commission (CWC)

  • Technical organization in the field of water resources
  • presently functioning as an attached office of the ministry of water resources, river develop and ganga rejuvenation , GOI
  • Headed by chairman, with the status Ex-officio secretary of GOI


Organization of petroleum Exporting countries

Headquarter – Vienna (Australia)
  • OPEC group of oil producing nation
  • Established : 1961 (In Baghdad, Iraq)
  • OPEC statute distinguish b/w Founder member and full member
  • 15 member countries, India not a member of OPEC

Qatar Issue

WCO established in 1952 as custom cooperation council (CCC) is an independent intergovernmental body

Mission : to enhance the effectiveness to efficiency of custom administration

  • WCO divided membership into 6 regions.
  • Session of policy commission of WCO
  • Organized by : WCO
  • Hosted by : Central Board of Indirect Taxes & customs (CBIC)

International space station (ISS)

  • Large spacecraft in orbit around earth
  • ISS program is a joint project among 5 space agencies
  • NASA, Roscomos, JAXA, ESA, CSA

Floating Solar Plant

  • 50 MW floating solar plant set up in country’s largest reservoir Rihand Dam (U.P.)

G-Sat – 11

  • Heaviest and most advance communication satellite
  • Built by ISRO, part of high through put communication satellite (HTS)
  • Launching from French Guiana
  • Lifted to space on European Ariane 5 ECA rocket , numbered VA 246
  • Mass 5854 kg.
  • It will Provide throughput data rate of 16 gbps


  • Met unprecedented data diamonds
  • supporting Bharat Net connectivity
  • VSAT terminals
  • unlock new applications

Services agree on permanent chairman of chief of staff committee (PCCOSC)

  • provides single point military advice to Government
  • four – star officer, equivalent to chief & army, navy & airforce


Bilateral air exercise between Japanese air Self Defence force (JASDF) & Indian Airforce (IAF) at AF station Agra

Theme : Joint Mobility/Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief (HADR)


Theatre Level Readiness Operational exercise (TROPEX)

TROPEX inter service military exercise involving participation of Indian Army, Air force, Navy & Coastal Guard

Carried out in 3 phases –

  • Independent work up phase
  • joint work up phase
  • tactical phase
Toppers25 current affairs of 8/2/2019

Toppers25 current affairs of 8/2/2019

India proposes plan to tackle fugitive economic offenders

India presented 9 point agenda to G-20 countries calling for strong & active co-operation


  • Strong cooperation in legal process, such as effective freezing of the proceeds of crime
  • Joint effort by countries to form a mechanism that denies entry and safe havens to fugitive economic offenders
  • Principals of united national convention Against corporation (UNCAC), UN convention Against transitional organized center (UNOTC)
  • Financial action task force (FATF) called upon to assign priority & focus to establish international cooperation

Trans – Fat

occurs naturally at very low level in some meat and dairy products

Fats can be saturated, UN-saturated Artificial &Transfat

  • Artificial TFAs formed when hydrogen is made to react with oil, to produces fats resembling pure ghee/butter
  • Trans fatty Acid (TFAs) are naturally found in small amounts in beef & full -fat dairy product
  • Saturated fatty acid should not comprise more than 10% of our daily calorie intake
  • Trans fatty acid should not comprise more than 1% of daily calories intake
  • WHO in may 2018 released draft recommendations on limiting intake of trans-fat
  • FSSAI proposed to limit TFA in foods to 2% & eliminate trans-fats from food by 2022.
  • FSSAI launch new mass media campaign “Heart attack reviewing” a 30 sec public announcement that warn citizen about health hazards.

Aunachal ‘s Dibang could be India’s highest Tiger habitat

  • Presence of Tiger in the snow-led Dibang Valley of Arunchal Pradesh at height of 3630 meters.

Climate talks begin in polish Coal city katowice

  • An year-end deadline to produce a rule book.
  • G-20 member, except US, sign declaration of support to rule book.
  • Paris rule book which will determine how government record report their greenhouse emissions and efforts to cut them.
  • Rule book aimed at limiting the rise in global temperature to blow 1.5°c – 2°c.

New tax code will not change rates or slabs

  • Tax code will make income tax act simpler and less prone to litigation.
  • Focus on reducing litigation by offering tax certainty
  • Revision in tax rate can take up as a part of annual budget
  • Reducing tax litigation, make tax law relevant to new business models and ensuring accountability.
  • Stringent penalty for not disclosing assets held abroad under Black money Act 2016.

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